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S'up y'all! 

It's been a long time since my last update, thought I would just do a quick one this time around.

Life has been pretty busy as of late since I've become the family's private driver, driving everyone everywhere. Also I've regain my interest in Gundam model kits, which I have spend over $300 on it by now, but haven't even got the time to build them! T_T

Which come to my next point, I've decided to close down commissions as of May this year. Reason being I feel like I have gone away from my initial set goal. So I've decided I need to spend what little time I have to further polish my skill, and improve on some more minor aspect of things and just really focus on improving for the time. Not to mention Noah Bradley's Art Camp 2 is coming up soon, which I'll be signing up so I'm hoping that will help me further my studies and keep in on the right track. 

So yeah, any more Commission request coming in before May 1st, I will still work on them, but I will not except any more commissions on May 1st onwards. I'll probably reopen in September or October. Also I've removed the old commission price page as that one is out dated.

That's about it I think, how have y'all been? Hope everyone is doing well C:
Sup Y'ALL!!

So its August, Commissions are now back to its regular prices, but its still open if anyone is interested ;D

For pricing info please check this out here… (price subject to changes)

So Ive already quit my day job, and I'm now back in my home town. I'm gonna be taking a year off to self study to further improve my art and hopefully, I'll be able to do freelance work eventually. So yeah, how have y'all been!? :D

Hey Guys! 

So I'm opening up my commissions again so for those of you who didnt saw my forum post the first 10 people to note me will get a single, full body, coloured character commission for only USD30 (as oppose to USD45)!

So hurry up and note me if interested! :D

2. 100-EXP - DONE
3. Sinn4u - DONE
4. Bagdalog - Done
5. ShadowScythe85 - In Progress
6. Sinn4u - Reserve
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So recently some of you may have seen my Commission for Jaecyn

Practice 2013-01 by doghateburger

Well apparently, he asked me if I could make an exception as to pay after completion as he has been scam in the past before. So out of my good will I did.

Upon completing and putting up with his demands he did paid....only it wasnt his own paypal account. He used someone else paypal account without permission.

Thus the account holder emailed and did a claim on paypal to get the money back. I emailed him, he claim the paypal account holder was his girlfriend and hell talk to her about it. After 2 days now and he hasnt even respond. And the paypal holder claims of no such message sent to her so as a result I refund it back into her account. Email the commissioner but surprise surprise, never responded back.

So yeah, I was probably scam of my time and a free commission so, to all you guys out there that take commissions, dont repeat my mistake again. :/
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Yesh..Im gonna start doing FanArtism to regain my interest in art again! Any suggestion on which character i should draw would greatly be appreciated C:

Commissions are still live. Note me if interested C:

Current price: USD30

Please note, I prefer private commissions at the moment, if its something with deadline, or contracted work, it can be arrange, but there will be a higher price charge.
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How yall been C:

So my girl bought a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet for me for my birthday, how amazing!! 8D God I love her C:

Anyways, I ramp up my price to USD20 for now. and to those who haven't reply, I've taken off the list. 4 more slots are now available C:.

Here is the new updated list.

Current price: USD20

Commission queue
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Ok I've finally got Commissioned! :D

Anyways, Just gonna update here a bit

Current Price: USD15  

Current commissions in queue
1.Work4HireContract - (2 paid commissions)
2.Presteza - (2 paid commissions)
3.Stargazer89 - (pending)

Do note, after a few more commissions, I will marking up my price to USD20

So grab 'em while they are still cheap xDD

NOTE: Before you commission me, please take note that it may take some time for me to actually finish the work, since I have a full time day job, and I work overtime like a mad dog (literally). So if you are ok with waiting, I'll be more than happy to take your commissions C:
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Ok, I'm gonna change somethings around. I'll only do coloured commissions now. No more sketch and line. It can be full body, half body, doesn't matter.

Coloured Commissions - USD15 ( + USD 5 for additional characters)

Commission price may change depending on the complexity of the character.

Send a note if you're interested C:
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Ok, so, I've decided to take up commissions, for the time being, since I'm having some financial problems, and I'm unemployed for the time being >_>;

I would take up anything expect explicit material and nudity, but ecchi-ness is ok ;DD

I'll only take paypal :C

My basic payment is as follows (additional charges may apply depending on the character),

NOTE, examples are outdated i know D:

Sketch = $5…

Line Work = $8

Coloured = $12…:

+ Background = $15 (cause my background sucks >_>)…:

I'll open 5 slots for the time being since I'm new to commissions D;






Send a note if you're interested, and I'll explain how to send the cash :C
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so yeah, l know I've said l would do this & Hut, and yes I AM staying true to what I say, I haven't forgotten about it.

I just could find the proper time to work on it. But now I'm back & kicking!
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So many people wished me on my birthday, and I fail to thank you guys back!!!!


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Although I'm uber late >.>.

However, I HAVE GOOD NEWS! : D

I'l be jobless once again very soon, which means! I'll have time to draw again! xDDD (And be more active on the net ;A; )

So I'l see you GUYS! NEXT TIME!
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So yeah, I've been playing online for the past 4 days and I've come to realize, I SUCK! D;.

Anyone wanna pwn my noob ass feel free to drop a line C:
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I'm trying my best right now ;A;
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Curious, If I were to take commissions at a reasonably crappy price (meaning 15-30 USD) How many people are willing to paay me :C

(Plz be honest...and kind! D;>)

Since my company is being gay and won't give me Over time <_<;
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What are they for! D:>
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So yeah, expect updates like 3 months :iconblushingplz:
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Anyone here have FacBook?

If you do add me! :iconblushingplz:


Or, if you couldn't find me just leave your name or email here and i'll search for you.

A side from Facbooks, I'm still trying to get use to my new tablet. I lack table space to put the tablet, so I have to put it on my lap :C.

And Photoshop still ain't working the way its suppose to be. Hopefully the RAM upgrade that I'm getting by the end of the month will help out with the speed.

Other then that nothing new other then work work work sleep sleep sleep :iconblushingplz:


fyi, I was talking about FACEBOOK for those people who fail to get it <_<;
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So yeah, pointless journal updates are cool and all but....scratch that.

Anyways, I've been using my Wacom intuos 4...irregularly, I was hoping to get more practice time this month but all the jump shifts are really killing me. Its like that one 1up you really need is right in front of you, but when you make a jump for it, you get hit by a kuppa shell or something stupid.

So yeah, I've been drawing a lot of man ass and working on my own physical ass as well...and by that i meant working out to get back in shape >_>;

One of my cool friends from work is resigning at the end of this month as well...I don't know why, I've knew her for almost a year now, but I never really had feelings for her only until recently... its kind of weird... but oh well, I'll still be seeing her, since she lived in like my neighbouring state :iconimhappyplz:

Aside from my life drama, I'VE TASTED...STARCRAFT II and oh my GOD ITS LIKE SEX! Except without having to take off your clothes. Gotta love Asian countries :iconblushingplz:

Ummm.....I'm forgetting something.....

Oh yeah Also...

I seriously need to improve my English, or at least make it decent again. I feel as if my English has really gone from bad to worse over the years living here. So yeah, if you're a grammar nazi, please DO correct my mistakes! 8D

I'll even reward you.....Like seriously, I've been going over what I type lately to make sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes around :c

Also, I manage to sign up for a PayPal account, so I might ATTEMPT to take commissions soon or but illegal drugs on eBay! :iconblushingplz:
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LIKE TOTALLY!!! :iconblushingplz:

Was it worth it....totally.

But WHAT was the 3000 spend on? On Friends? no. on Family? no. ON DRUGS!? Hell YES :iconiloveitmoreplz: . nah just kidding!

I got myself an Ipod Touch 64GB annnnndd......*drum roll* WACOM INTUOS 4!!! :iconiloveitmoreplz:

THATS RIGHT MOFO!! BEAT THAT! YEAH! but my photoshop is being gay :'c
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